A Life Aligned With Mary Magdalene

by Renee Michelle Christian

Mary was born an American army brat in Germany. Her ancestors originated from Paris, France.

The family moved back to the United States with her at a young age of three years old. She grew up a troubled child with the war’s rippling effect on her family. She dreamed of meeting her Prince Charming from another land since her childhood days.

My character Mary's life aligned itself with Mary Magdalene in her teenage years. She was approached by a stranger who suggested he knew her from Biblical Times.  It was the first Mary had heard the name and learned that she had been a prostitute and who wiped the blood from Jesus' on his cross. Soon after that Mary (the character) became a prostitute.  Each decade that passed, she was reminded of her similarity to Mary Magdalene in terms of her appearance and character.

Mary Magdalene was persecuted by the mainstream Jews. As years past for Mary she was persecuted by society. Mary Magdalene is a Catholic legend and was a follower of Jesus; thus, she became a Christian. Mary was born into Catholic heritage but later in life having found Jesus chose to be re-baptized Christian in the ocean. After Jesus’ death it is not certain where Mary Magdalene went but many say France. The closest journey may have been Ephesus, Turkey or Paris France but I don’t know that it is quit mapped. This similarity is found in Mary's (the character) ancestors who originated in Paris, France.

Through a near-death experience, her views on life are changed forever.

Following a life of trauma, she finds herself suddenly standing before the man of her dreams—a man she had met twenty-seven years prior and longed to be reunited with. A spiritual sensation takes over, and as independent and resourceful as she is, her longings for deep and lasting intimacy supersede any selfish inclinations.